This is one part of my PhD research. In it, I'm studying the human behaviour on a web page.

It consist of 5 easy tests and one quiz. Don't be worried regarding your privacy, this is an anonymous study and it doesn't require any of your personal details. It will only take 5 minutes to complete In each test, there will be instructions to descibe how each test works. Once you have read and understood them, click on the "Start" button.

Please, It’s important not to stop during the test until it’s completed. If you have to stop, then please stop between each test.

Note: You should use one of the following browsers to complete the survey: Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer(+9) and a COMPUTER.

I would apreciate your colaboration and help with sharing this through your social networks, i.e. your friends and family. The more people that participate in this research, the more accurate the results shall be.